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Mint City Utility Services has a dedicated disaster relief team, poised for rapid deployment to any community in need across the nation.

Our mission is to assist communities in swiftly restoring utility services and effectively managing vegetation-related cleanup, including the removal of fallen trees, debris, and more, to jumpstart relief and rebuilding efforts.

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When Minutes Matter, We’re There!

In times of crisis, rapid response is crucial. Mint City Utility Services takes pride in quick deployment to ensure that help is on the way when you need it most. We’re committed to responding promptly and efficiently to restore utility services and clear vegetation-related hazards, providing peace of mind during emergencies.


Supporting Communities, Together.

Mint City Utility Services values the power of community partnerships. We collaborate closely with local authorities and communities to coordinate disaster relief efforts and deliver efficient support during challenging times. Together, we work towards a safer and more resilient future for our communities.

trimming, cleanup & removal

Precision and Safety in Every Cut.

When it comes to tree trimming, cleanup, and removal, precision and safety are paramount. Our experts specialize in expert tree trimming to enhance safety, prevent hazards, and minimize risks associated with overgrown vegetation. We prioritize safety and efficiency to restore services swiftly while ensuring the well-being of all involved.